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"Man is the only creature he consumes without producing. He does not give milk, does not make eggs, is too weak to pull the plow, can not run fast enough to take rabbits. And yet, paradoxically, it is the king of all animals."

(George Orwell)


The idea of ​​opening a Barf production center has grown over the years to deal with the expansion of industrial food - even the best quality - and to give our dogs and cats a way to feed them as close to the Their nature.




As a homeopath I often realize that to face up to certain illnesses nothing can be done if the owner is unwilling to change the diet by abandoning the way pet food, better known as junk food. It is true that many brands are now on the market with high-level foods because they contain high percentages of meat, but the problem is in high-temperature cooking of raw materials, ingenious use of additives and appetizers and the exaggerated complexity of a product finished, unsuitable for being easily used by a carnivorous digestive system  - specializing in quickly dispensing large quantities of raw meat.


It was then that we were armed with patience and organized ourselves to see if we could create a production center that would allow our pets, high quality meat at an acceptable cost and above all  respectful of ethics, keeping us as far as possible from the materials of doubt origin.

Enio Marelli

Unicist Homeopathic Veterinarian

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